Seaport Enhanced Multiple Award Contract


Quality Assurance 


Our SeaPort-e Program Management Team will ensure that our Subcontractors deliver the same level of quality as our own employees produce. We will use both a flow down of quality-related requirements in our subcontracts as well as subcontractor oversight to ensure that all products and services provided in the Dynamic Solutions name meet the highest quality standards.

Dynamic Solutions believes that the key to every successful project is to establish and maintain clear lines of communication between the customer and us and internally among management, our personnel and our Subcontractors. This practice provides the customer with all the necessary information they need to keep informed on all aspects the job throughout the entire life of the project. This process starts early in the project with development of a comprehensive plan of action and milestones and project schedule that is communicated to the customer during initial planning meetings and scheduled follow-up meetings conducted periodically throughout the entire period of performance. This ensures adherence to schedule and provide opportunities to receive customer feedback, and ensures responsiveness to customer needs. Dynamic Solutions communicates with our lead personnel and Subcontractors on a regular basis to identify and resolve issues from the routine to the complex before they impact schedule and cost. Dynamic Solutions then provides the customer with well thought out options they can select for the most efficient and economical means of resolving the problem. Some of the past issues have involved the discovery of "as found" material problems outside the scope of the original work associated with equipment or systems requiring more work or material to affect repairs. These issues were addressed with additional labor support and when required, material to ensure adherence to the schedule and detailed cost analysis to provide the most economy to the Government.

Dynamic Solutions is proactive in the identification and resolution of potential issues at the lowest level possible, as early as possible, allowing those closest to the problem to address issues and implement corrective actions without unnecessary senior management intervention. Dynamic Solutions strives to create an environment where problems or issues that arise during projects are brought to the attention of the project manager early enough that they may be resolved with little to no impact on schedule and/or additional cost to the Government. As appropriate, problems that arise as a result of quality are immediately addressed to the customer with a plan to resolve the problem to their satisfaction. In most cases involving quality of work, Dynamic Solutions discovers the problem first through our own quality assurance practices and monitoring.

Our first line managers are responsible for regular interaction with customers. Through regular interaction with customers, Dynamic Solutions expects to identify issues and resolve problems before they become formal issues. During performance under he SeaPort-e contract and issuance of any task orders, Dynamic Solutions managers will meet with the customer at the onset of tasking to ensure expectations are understood, schedules set, and feedback methodology is in place. By carefully monitoring performance, we expect to be able to provide any mid-course corrections if needed without impacting the customer.

When task order solicitations of interest to the Dynamic Solutions Team are posted on the SeaPort-e web site, Dynamic Solutions will perform a work analysis to break the work down to its lowest task level and link the tasks in a logical flow of activities. Identifying all outputs from tasks and subtasks required of the contractor, Dynamic Solutions will then evaluate team membersí qualifications vs. the requirements of the task to ensure the most qualified team members are proposed. Prior to submission of the proposal, Dynamic Solutions will determine the optimum subcontract type and mix to ensure that the Navy receives the highest quality products and services at the most economical price.

Dynamic Solutions believes that a significant value-added feature of our QA system is its focus on continuous improvement. We believe that root cause analysis and identification and implementation of a well thought out corrective action plan as a result of lessons learned is a key element in the operation and improvement of any successful organization. We have incorporated that philosophy in our quality processes. We do not consider a project complete until we have captured the lessons learned, both positive and negative, that can be applied to improving future efforts. These assessments have formed the basis for numerous physical, procedural, operational, training and staffing improvements.

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